Tentative Schedule

March 30, 2010
by Kwaku Yeboah-Antwi (ky10)

We are both learning scheme
– We need to budget some time to get conversant with scheme

(WEEK 1)
– We need to figure out where to implement it
(thunderbird/evolution/outlook/spam assassin/spamd ?)

– Need to figure out how email spam flagging is done
—-Check out Spam Assassin documentation
— x-spam-flag, x-spam-score, x-spam-status
– Keep learning scheme

(WEEK 2)
We need to research and find prior work on this.
Should be conversant with scheme enough to start serious by now.
Come up with a flowchart of how exactly this should be implemented.

(WEEK 3)
modify schush to support regexp and strings
Find a way to generate a population of words
fake it

(WEEK 4)

More programming

(WEEK 5)

More programming

(WEEK 6)
Even more programming
Present solution(hopefully)

\\\\- We need to get a list of emails(preferably from personal inbox, spam and
all. )

– Woohoo, actually write it

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