Progress so far

April 15, 2010
by Kwaku Yeboah Antwi (ky10)

Kwaku unfortunately lost some work due to his HD dying so we lost some work.

But so far, this is what we’ve done so far.

  • Grab list of emails
  • Read emails unto stack
    • Each email is concatenated into one (super) long string
    • Each email will be a spam email
    • (define read
      (lambda (type)
      (lambda (state)
      (let (temp "")
      (unless (eof-object? (peek-char input))
      (write ((read-char in) output))
      (string-append temp output));;
      (push temp type state)))))
  • GP will try to evolve regex’s for the emails — In Progress
    • One problem we have to figure out is how to make our system doesn’t try to evolve one catch-all gigantic regex(which just horribly fails)
    • Have some ideas (actually not really) but have to talk to Lee
  • Fitness function will apply regex to another sample of emails. — In Progress

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